Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Momentum team project

In the glog my Team and I created we showed how Physics related to bobsledding. We diplayed how conservation of energy and conservation of momentum affect bobsleigh and we displayed vector diagrmas to further explain how these concepts apply.

Team 2 Digital tool


  1. Please go back and give your Glogster the professional look it had when you were working in class. Most importantly save it as a private glog as I requested.
    No attributions are given anywhere in the glogster.

  2. I changed the appearance of the glogster and have added the atributions, and it's been made private.

  3. Great glog Sahil. I can see the amount of work you had to research the history and the other information.

  4. thank you. Daniel and I spent a lot of time on it so i'm glad to know that you think it is good