Monday, February 1, 2010

Dyanmics Application: How is Newton's third law responsible for recoil?

this is a Glog I created to show how recoil is attributed to Newton's third law of Motion. The glog explains why there is recoil and it also talks about why bigger and more powerful guns have more recoil.

edited Dynamics application Glog


  1. Great overall explanation on Newton’s Third Law and its application to the coil gun! The layout of your glog looks very organized and very pleasing to the eye.
    I think you should combine your first two sections (the sections that introduces Newton’s Third Law) since some of these concepts are a bit repetitive.
    Also, you had stated that the “the exploding bullet being sent forwards results in an equal but opposite reaction of the body of the gun being sent backwards”. How are the bullet and the gun “sent” into motion? You should restate this by saying that the force ON the bullet BY the gun results in an equal but opposite force ON the gun BY the bullet. Because of these two forces, the bullet and the gun is "sent" into motion.
    But overall, your glog gives a bunch of good information and it is very easy to read through. Keep up the good work!

  2. Great job Sahil!
    I agree with Yan's comments so please address them in your final version.

  3. I really like your glogster. Even if the comments are right, I enjoyed the detail of your presentation and the pictures you used. Funny though that you used a shotgun in comparison to a Desert Eagle. I think I have read somewhere that the recoil of a handgun is actually more dangerous than the one of a rifle or shotgun.

  4. well Julius, the recoil of a handgun may be more dangerous in some cases but in terms of sheer power the recoil of a shotgun is more powerful

    Thank you for your comment Yan, I agree that I shoudl probably talk about how the bulelt and the gun are being "sent into motion" I did not think of that. Thanks!

  5. Yan, I posted a link to my edited blog. Thank you for the feedback. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions.

  6. Sahil, thanks for making the necessary edits. Your introduction about Newton’s Third Law is now much more concise. Your explanation of the recoiling motion is also much more precise. I also like how you emphasized that action and reaction forces act on differenct objects. People often believe that these pairs add up to zero as the action-reaction pairs are equal in magnitude and are opposite in direction. Good job on emphasizing this point!

  7. The Glog looks Great!!! you need to ad a problem and calculations to show that big rifles have more recoil than small guns, as you said.